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Surplus Trading & Contracting is bound to bring out one of the best rubber products in qatar using highly skilled and proffessional staffs. STC is leading in various fields of Rubber applications, trading and contracting sectors.

The skill and technolgy of various talented technologist is used to produce high quality products in our industry. As the usage of rubber in qatar increases day by day, we blend the latest technology and creativity to bring the best quality rubber products to the state of Qatar.

Surplus Trading & Contacting is also engaged in the business of designing, engineering, installation, maintenance and all works relating to air conditioning systems in Qatar for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

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The worldwide success of our products comes from meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations. Not only do the quality standards of our products meet the expectations of our customers but due to the efficiency of our firm's dynamic management team we resolve the needs of our customers in real time.
(Sreejith Padmajan)

All the products passes through a series of quality testing before the final packing.The quality checking starts from the selection of raw-material,mixing of rubber component to the final product.Our technical specialist work with the latest technology to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions to the customers.

We will provide products of superior quality and value, in order to ensure customer satisfaction and preference and also profitable growth. We will achieve this purpose through continuous improvements of processes focused on total quality, productivity and cost effectiveness.

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